Web 2.0 For Language Teaching


Course Outline

With ‘digital native’ students becoming ever more naturalised and expressive online, it is a challenge for their teachers to remain informed and confidently apply the digital tech available to learning. This course employs up-to-date data-driven content relevant to modern teaching and instils teachers with knowledge, ability and confidence to include technology and online resources and practices to maximise their students’ learning opportunities.

Who is it for?

This course is for practicing high school teachers of English as a foreign language, seeking to create a digitally-equipped, blended classroom.

Course Content:

   • Provide a methodological foundation for incorporation of modern online and digital tools into the classroom
   • Equip teachers with confidence to implement peer and expert-reviewed set of resources and procedures
Provide teachers with expert and data-driven guidance on best practice for engagement of their learners
Prepare teachers for promoting healthy online practices to aid learning
Accelerate identification and incorporation of tools, resources and content suitable to teen language learning

Minimum Level of English

B1 on the CEFR (Intermediate)

Location of Course


Accommodation Options:

Host Family and Apartment/Residence

Course Schedule: