Mindfulness and emotional intelligence for secondary teachers course


Course Outline

The objective of this course is to give a basic foundation into how the practice of mindfulness can be applied to the language classroom. Mindfulness is known to improve well-being and can foster critical thinking, performance, creativity, and empathy; all valuable life skills which you will be able to transfer to your pupils. During the course you will also develop your emotional intelligence and become more emotionally competent both on an intrapersonal and interpersonal level. This will enhance both your performance and improve your relationships.

Who is it for?

Teachers working in the secondary school environment who want to improve the learning experience of their pupils.

Course Content:

 • To acquire some of the basic theory around mindfulness and emotional intelligence
 • To acquire fundamental practical skills to bring that theory into life in the language classroom
 • To make the necessary changes in the classroom to increase and sustain the satisfaction, well-being and performance of both teacher and student
 • To take positive steps to facilitate the acquisition of the English language by the student
 • To become a future ambassador for the transfer of the skills and abilities acquired to those around you
• To become a reflective practitioner

Minimum Level of English

B1 on the CEFR (Intermediate)

Location of Course


Accommodation Options:

Host Family and Apartment/Residence

Course Schedule: