Integrate Blended Learning Into Your Teaching Practice


Course Outline

Blended learning is an increasingly popular mode of education. It combines traditional teacher-led lessons with more student-focused practices and activities. It allows both synchronous and asynchronous learning, the setting of group and individual goals and, most importantly, it can achieve excellent results. This course focuses on how to integrate blended learning into your own practices, in a way which will benefit and motivate your students.

Who is it for?

This course is for practicing high school teachers who are interested in learning more about blended learning.

Course Content:

   • Learn about the most common models of blended learning
   • Discover blended learning platforms and digital learning tools
Analyze how to create learning plans and goals, for individuals and a group
Find out how to create digital review and assessment tasks
Focus on actual practices you can implement into your teaching

Minimum Level of English

B1 on the CEFR (Intermediate)

Location of Course


Accommodation Options:

Host Family and Apartment/Residence

Course Schedule: